ILC - International Linear Collider 

So, LHC in France, the insanely big BLACK MESA (Look at the guy in the picture above!),  is achieving excellents right now. But apparently someone wants bigger facility. In ILC project, the collider can be expanded to 50 kilo meters length, which is almost twice bigger than LHC. Read following specification.

Consisting of two linear accelerators that face each other, the ILC will hurl some 10 billion electrons and their anti-particles, positrons, toward each other at nearly the speed of light. Superconducting accelerator cavities operating at temperatures near absolute zero give the particles more and more energy until they smash in a blazing crossfire at the centre of the machine. Stretching approximately 31 kilometres in length, the beams collide 14,000 times every second at extremely high energies – 500 billion-electron-volts (GeV). Each spectacular collision creates an array of new particles that could answer some of the most fundamental questions of all time. The current baseline design allows for an upgrade to a 50-kilometres, 1 trillion-electron-volt (TeV) machine during the second stage of the project.

Is this just me, but it’s just extremely ridiculous and exciting. 1 trillion electron volt? Beams collide 14,000 times per second? Sounds like Tel Megiddo of science to me. 

Source: ILC

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