The effect of beards and mustache: How we are biased by those nasty things

When people see someone’s face, people don’t usually see whole entire face, instead, people  are very likely to see most salient feature on someone’s face.
Beards and mustache seem to be ones of most “popping-out” features out of all of face parts. Even the most famous/notorious person can be seen so different when he does not have his own beard/mustache. Like you see, the impression towards person can be so different if mustache is present or absent. We are so easily manipulated our impression or feeling by these little feature because of our nature to process information.  

This always happens to me when my friend shaved his beard. I don’t recognize him at all or at least take while to recognize him. So, my point is, DO NOT SHAVE YOUR BEARD IF YOU HAVE OUTSTANDING BEARD or MUSTACHE on your face now. Otherwise, people don’t recognize you, or even after they recognize you, they have odd feeling to talk to you.