I’ve met so many people who only talk about UI and interaction designs when it comes to discuss UX. Sometimes I feel like these people use the word “UX design” as a fancier way to say “UI and Interaction design”. Terrible misunderstanding. I would like to address what UX design is from my perspective once and for all.

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inFORM - Interacting With a Dynamic Shape Display

Don’t you think interactions that happen on your touch screens are a bit bland, cold, and too distant? I do. Mobile technology that bridges people in distant places should not be limited in flat displays. It should be warmer, more palpable….., and more human in order to really connect people.

Look at this tangible UI created by MIT media lab. This is how it should be.

(Source: vimeo.com)

Yes, they are likely to be forgotten when days are busy.


Not new, but good to read it again.
  1. Focus on the Primary Task
  2. Elevate the Content that People Care About
  3. Think Top Down
  4. Give People a Logical Path to Follow
  5. Make Usage Easy and Obvious
  6. Use User-Centric Terminology
  7. Minimize the Effort Required for User Input
  8. Downplay File-Handling…
Usability rule #8: Do not place negative button right next to other (frequently clicked) buttons
I’m looking at you, Tumblr.

Usability rule #8: Do not place negative button right next to other (frequently clicked) buttons

I’m looking at you, Tumblr.

New generation Mental model vs. Affordance

I expected this day would come, but not this early.
O, Apple, you made any product designer’s life so difficult.
We now have to make everything finger interactive. 

Thanks Celestesaurus for posting this!

Evolution of Web by Google

This awesome visual presentation made from HTML5 explains transition of web browsers including IE, Net Scape, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. It also contains development of markup languages. I’m sure it will be quite useful to get a grasp of web technology now and then.

Thanks Google!

Fun fact:

Most claimed skill: HTML and CSS

Companies want someone who can design, not analyst.

Like I mentioned before, looking up some good design patterns are totally fine and make your work much more efficient and easier. Here is a very convenient design pattern search engine, which incorporated with 22 design pattern websites.

Go use it!

Sincere gratitude to UX for the masses 

I totally agree with this article. It’s a dumb thing, after all.

Augmented reality looks set to become a serious commercial tool

The hint for new interaction design.

Source: BBC