It is important mission for us, HF/E people, to tell people what is human factors and ergonomics for better safety and health. Here is some good presentations that are made by grad students of Human Factors and Ergonomics program in San Jose State University.

They are really good and I’m proud of the fact that they are my friends!

Excellent visual representation about the chronological transition of life span and annual income of nations in last 180 years.

ThanksĀ feg!

Did you know? 4.0

This is very famous video about growing information technology and its use.
This series of video are one of fanciest visual presentation ever made. They have everything required for good visual presentation, conciseness, clarity, attention-drawing visual, color coding, and so on.
If you are somehow interested in information management, psychology, Information technology, or the way to make a presentation well, this is absolutely MUST SEE video.