Sometimes or often, we have to stay awake to cope with some intense situation such as homework, exam, or your work deadlines. And those lacking of sleep usually causes a great disturbance of your concentration, inefficiency, mistakes, and accidents.

However, here is one useful method to manage lack of sleep. The method called “Everyman sleeping”

In Everyman method, what you should do is quite simple: sleep 3 hours at night, and take 15 minutes nap three times during daytime. This method promises great replenishment and let you allow to do your work efficiently despite shorter sleeping time.
Success of Everyman Method is depending on whether you can do 3 tips properly or not. 

1. Drink coffee BEFORE you take a nap so that caffeine will start working when you are about to awake.

2. Even if you cannot sleep, close your eyes and relax. Even you got only microsleep, a moment of unconsciousness, it will work well.

3. Do not take a nap longer than 20 minutes. If you sleep more than 30 mins, it would be a real sleep and affect your brain negatively, and you will take another 30 mins to reactivate your brain.

Cheer up!

Reference: Polyphasic sleep(Wikipedia)